Brain Thoughts

  • Today has gone faster than robot jesus on a tricycle. In disappointing news, Ad has bought an iTouchMyselfEveryNight
  • Apparently trying to get to work earlier takes much longer, and the tube was so busy I ended up bumming a hot indian girl the whole way
  • I should probably tell someone that the tower dispenser in the toilets is actually a cunningly disguised cattle prod
  • I now have my Bupa forms. therefore i am, by default, immortal.
  • I think gmail has been weakened by the rain that is apparently lashing down on it, and is having trouble scrolling in a timely manner
  • For some reason, the fact our building is having power outages, is breaking our water supply, so we can't flush the toilets
  • Luckily, to spite me, Karma made me splash boiling hot free coffee in my face. Damn you Zeus
  • Rofl, our build server has spazzed out beyond all sensible belief. To the ground it shall burn!!!!
  • lollerskates - Mythbusters shatter windows of a village over a mile away:
  • just elbow dropped someone in the head on the tube. classic
  • Elbow hurts….
  • mike: "did u just upload a vid called tom and mike's vulva?"
  • crazy drunk on tube trying to communicate to a baby via the medium of song. baby appears more intelligent than him. possibly me as well.
  • my hair just tried to take route in my eyeball, u can't live off eye juice fool!
  • Not sure everyone in the office is as sexually active towards twitter as I am. It likes it fast and witty...


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