A nite of biodegradable drunkerdness

Oki, first of all, no more mentioning of the swayage theories anymore, its got way out of hand, with world leaders requiring instant advice 24/7, which has drained my resources for tosecond.

Anyway, I'm here to explain the wonderfullness of yesterday in its entierity, or sommit. With Nick and Dave arriving worryingly at similar intervals a number events occured which i shall share:

  • Went to Spoons, much beerage and burgers!
  • Nick and Me started causing havoc in back garden, beginning with burning things
  • This then involved some of our back wall falling apart, glasses breaking, tequila shots, Nick snorting sugar and salt, followed by me snorting flour, damn my eyes. Its still quite a tip out there now.
  • Walking to arena only to find it was shut
  • Perambulating over to the mega bowl, playing games and getting drunk, much fun
  • On walkback climbing over various devices etc and finding a HUGE new monument in the highstreet which we studied for like half an hour, hectic
  • Getting home and eating a pot noodle
Woke up today which a terrifically crap hangover, much annoying, but ah well, was probably worth it, hazaar!

Also have u noticed with everyone having mobile phones people rarely ask you what the time is in the street anymore? Things can only get worse.


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