The BBQ of rexxor's wonder

bra.......zilian caterpillars were not present at this bbq however food, beer and cunningness was! me tracey rex and dan managed to not sleep at all, mainly due to me managing to talk shit alll night, which i found mildly cunning. I'm tempted to harness my power in some machovelean way, possibly to lead to a totalitarian dictatorship, but perhaps thats just GCSE english subconciously affecting me.

Anyway, I think I ate more chicken that the average person, and much beer was drunk. Ruff managed to chip his tooth on a beer bottle (d'oh), spill pringles all over the place (d'oh) and then pass out from some sort of deadly reaction to blue bolt (sainsburie's rip off of tesco's rip off (kick) of red bull). In the morning many an error was discovered with our driver (dan) not having slept, russ being some what ill and tracey blaming me for keeping them up and making her laugh too much. I did make a friend in a worm though ,that turned out to be a part of a plant. damn.

to cap it all off, everyone got confused with my superb enthusiam at Ministry of Mayhem, and i vowed never again to dance and sing the end song without Nick by my side to distract people haphazardly.

Arsenal also won 3-0! yay for arsenal and the final. Now to sleep indefinatly, or until 7am 2moz

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"feel my tooth! I don't care.. nyahrh" - a slightly sozzled ruffle


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