Stupidly long since update whoops

Okay well I was hit by massive amounts of work and I kinda gave up doing this, however I did write a small notepad thingy for a while so I could come back and do some of the days. but I can't be assed, so here's the notepad thingy, w00t:

Wednesday : Rileys all day Skool girl nite

Thur: wop?

Fri: Yes bar, police, evil girls, townies NArgh, dave in nottingham

Sat: Mike went to plymouth, fell off stuff, twas funny,

Sun: today we came second in the pub quiz- Nick had to do a lap dance but couldn't manage it.

Mon: Hogshed, valentines day, arsenal

Tues: bowlin innit, Long meeting shite, watch game

Wed: Unknown

Thursday: Still unknown, may have been drugged...

Friday: went home today, went to pub twas fun

Saturday: woke up late, went to bromley, drank, went to london, club funny, sleep

Sunday: good trip, starbucks etc, quiz came 2nd,

Monday: today went to a place of fun that we call spoons, lots of work today, malibu and gin

Tuesday: worked 11-6 tuna, onion, salad and cheese baguette, then came home, ate, then watched aresenal die to bayern munich 3-1, henry move dammit!

Wednesday: Oh my god more work! till 5, dead, dying evil!

Thursday: Even more work, this = bad, till 6 but not finished! yay - may have gone spoons today?!

Friday: Went to girls house to say hi to people, and then town for money cashing. Possibly went to spoons for curry club, ordered way too much, curry, samosas, onion barG's, mike got drunk, I like jd wahey

Saturday: Went to town, somehow I got drunk just by being near stuff that was alcoholic, spent 30min trying to get alcohol, nick hacking me up, no jD!, got wine for 2moz, yay. Went to girls house, watched oc etc.

Sunday: Woke up at 12 and was tired! shocked, watched match we sucked cos we suxxor. Then went round mike, pete and dave's gaff for much goot roast dinner, well done ole chaps. Then went to pub quiz and we didn't win ANYTHING!. ah well

Quotes Of The Months:

"why do u need one. this is the modern generation. use a gun with some money.!" - Possibly mike? can't remember what it refers to, probably funny in context

"dude wanna go spoons now?"
"maybe. could do. excellent plan. lets live there."
"lol word me and nick going there now, come shag us in there" - the tried and tested way of convincing mike to go to the pub

"I want something big, something huge"..."thats not big!" - Mike once more showing his suaveness

"I'll have to give him a tootle on his horn" - oh dear mike...


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