Monday's Child is a drunkard Autobot...

Yesterday, I mostly used waiting to go see Transformers at 6ish. Which was totally awesome, and Megan Fox is damn foxy. DAMN FOXY. And the special effects were for once really good by my standards, where as I saw Spiderman 3 recently, and not only is that a totally shit film (apart from bruce campbell) the CG in it is shit. very shit.

But transformers is awesome, and I really damn well enjoyed it. Afterwards we progressed to the firehouse for drinkies and then went to timepiece, where I looked stupid trying to say bourbon. Ah well. And it was strangely empty, which I found eerie and fascinating, but Stu thought it was scary. So we progressed to the hole in teh wall. on the short walk there I was like, I feel like we're gonna see Saran. Then as we turned the corner he was there and I was all like "dang, oh no you didn't".

There we discovered he's a weed head, and is basically a muppet who hates english curries and bangladesh people. And owns a high pitch laugh. After a few drinks (minus Saran) dan cruised home and stu and I went into timepiece again as it got a bit more busy for a last beer. Mistake there. Scottish robbie waltzed in with his friends and we got talking. I talked to Sam's friend Beth who turns out to be really nice. Then rob, Stu and I went to the good ole raj and got the kebab we all love. Then wandered to rob's place for another beer and an indepth discussion about the merits of various supermarkets, with me touting the flag (er?) for Tesco and Marks N Sparks. Cos I loves them I do. Then we trekked home, and decided we stayed out far too fucking long (4am!).


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