what are you talking about, I'm not gelling my hair up like wolverine, what gave you that preposterous idea?

Was it Steve?

Unfortunately, it doesn't really work because I have tesco hair gel and my hair is like "fuck off". So I had to resort to slicking it all the way back, 2nd hand car sales man style. Man...I swear I have receding hair lines.... if I go bald I'm gonna punch god.

Hopefully in like 10 years time they'll be able to easily reverse balding without the current side effects that I hear include your face falling off.

Today you say? That's right I actually got up early (Shock!), and then proceeded to do a work (Shock!) and I even found time to chill in the sun for a bit (Shock!). And I also bought this new electric shocking torture implement *haw haw*...

I also got an awesome "Box of the Banned" dvd collection with 6 banned films and a documentry about them, all for like 9 quid. One of them is the original Evil Dead as well, which I don't have. All I need now is the Army of Darkness. Other recent purchases include Fast Food by Gordon Ramsey, cos he's a legend, and 1000 places to see before you die. Now I just need Rex to take me there....


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