The Plan

Well it appears I've wasted the day once more via the medium of moving pictures and this fancy piece of plastic with "XBOX 360" emblazed across its shiny white exterior. As the shimmering glow of the fluorescent light glimmers off its face plate and casts alluring shadows across my face, I wonder to myself if in hindsight the decision to buy such a device of procrastinational proportions was completely devoid of intelligence.

But alas, hindsight and foresight can never fairly battle across the landscape of my thoughts. Fear not dear maiden, for my plan is air tight. As I have neglected to consume any form of caffeinated goods so far, I shall drink a large beverage of the finest African gold roast, and attempt to work until I can work no more. I shall regularly update for no reason except my future self's amusement.

Now away with thee.


David Hulbert 1:53 pm  

an extra 2 the plan:
read this:
ReBoot Rebooted!

Anonymous 1:57 am  

Okay, this? This clever usage of the English language, which I do heart so? This makes me happy. Which is no mean feat considering it's 2am, I have to be up for work in 4 hours, and I still have over half my marking left to do. I applaud thee.

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