I hate making up titles

"This 'boing' is made for peeing,
and that’s just what it’ll do.
One of these days this 'boing's gonna pee all over you"
- Craig "that shouldn't do that?" David

Enough of that really, we went to the quiz yesterday but it was cancelled in a shock bust up, between us and the fact there were no other competitiors, so we got free entry next time! yay! Plus we then made up an awesome alcohol round, which somehow dave managed to convince them meant we had to have free beer. A job well drunk mr dave. Seeing as the lemmy shut at 9, we had to waddle over to the ram, which was cool cos I saw clair, dave de la hardcor and beax.

Advice from Professor Bookshank: if you were a lowly exeter student... and there were 2 pigeons on the roof near ur window that were being noisy... and you wanted someone to get rid of them... and u found someone who's like hazaar!....and owns a water balloon firing device....and you want them to shoot a water baloon at the pigeon... resist, cos it smashes windows...

In other news we broke louis' window....shit.


David Hulbert 11:30 am  

how the muppet does that happen?
i cant c the dude on your stats tracking page.

make a post saying people who comment 2 this post r cow pats

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