To have a dream is only half the coefficient

So... you would think with the impending deadlines I have looming over my well crafted hair, I'd be doing large quantities of work. Well, foolish ignorant reader, I haven't in the slightest. Yesterday I managed to get up at around 11.30am, then me and sam decided to "screw the world" and grab luncheon down the double locks. Which was jolly nice, I had some crazy Chicken Sicelliene device, and large quantities of generic brand cola (it was actually Coke). A humourous puppy also fell into the river/canal/locks which was chucklesome. I also got scared by the crazy narrow plank of metal u have to cross to get to the pub, hidden away it is.

We then came back, and I proceeded to faff around with some matlab, and not do much in the manner of effective work. Luckily a trip to the ritazza, nearly fixed that, tho my laptop's battery is akin to a smurf. That would be short then. And then me and sam gave up with the world once more, and watched 4 episodes of Spaced. Dude tis awesome. If you haven't watched it, watch it.

Tried the new hotmail. Plargh. Gmail still arouses me more.

Today, I have a plan to do my selected topic's presentation and play badminton at 12 avec Alex and Katie.


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