My Birthday!!!!

So once more I conquered time and against all predictions survived one more year to celebrate it in style. And in style we did, with much glee we began in the Ram with a drink here, a drink there, a drink in my face. Then from there we whisked ourselves back to our house where I was presented with an cake of fantastic proportions, along with lots of awesome presents (more later). From here we traveled at high speed towards town to a mysterious and unknown location, at least for me.

Our final destination was an awesome moroccan restaurant by the cathedral, where we got a much hearty selection of tapas style food, and I got a face full of awesome sparkly cakey goodness.

And holy moly that was a tasty cake. Like Holy. Moly. Pudding and more pudding. and fire:

After a successful eaterage we transferred ourselves swiftly to timepiece where we partied like it was my birthday, i.e. beer and sambuca in my face. Much awesome overall and I had an uber time.

People Count: Alex, Dave, Carlos, Claire, Katie, Kath, Louise, Maddy, Sam, Stu, Vicky,


Anonymous 2:53 pm  


Tommeh 3:45 pm  

so much woocake it hurts, but still feels good *nods*

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