Friday's Child is mostly asleep

Ze Night: After much debating on our destination for the night, we kinda settled on Beckenham. Had a drink in the george then hit the goose, where we got awesome steak and ale pipe, with mash and peas for only 2.99! and we got a plate of sausages, wedges and bread for 5.99, which was also alright. After a couple of bevvys we marched on towards london, where we realised that the only people who had come out were people who didn't live in orpington or the surrounding area... (moi, ad, colin, rex). We shook our heads in despair.

Luckily we arrived at Rileys and began 1.5 hour long pool sesh, and met Shing as well. Unfortunately we all were hit by mega tiredness and I nearly collapsed. while lying down. yup.

So we headed back around 11pm, I think. After shing had explain her crazy plan for cake domination. We all fear diabetes again. On the walk home I wish the chip shop was open, but my cries were lost amongst the foxes that hunted me like raptors. as in they were like raptors. Not they were hunting like they would if they were hunting raptors. Fool.


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