We're comatose but audible...

As the solitary warrior fighting the cause for blogging I often wonder to myself, between battles, if the scars of war are worth it. I would also like to point out to raffle that I have now blogged 107 times since she last blogged... 107!!!... I'm not sure if that is bad on your part or bad on my part...

In related news, check this shaz out. I've been put on the "I heart movies" press site? That's pretty dope... I should probably like use it more, or something... I have so many movies to add, argh.

ROFLors: Mike Soundboard

Looks like holiday plans for september are in full swing now, and when I say in full swing I mean they are very vague and no one even really knows if they can go and what a holiday is. I do know, though, that I want to write a novel. But I have no ideas, which is useless really, and I fear I could never write enough words, plus I tend to repeat so much vocab in my every day word-droolins anyway. For instance, I dare you count how many times I use the word "awesome" throughout my entire blog. Well? exactly.

Who the hell keeps driving by and beeping at my house, stop it! There's no point.

If anyone finds anything that offends them on here can you point it out so i can increase it for humours sake?

Reboot Reboot. Awesome.

Ladies and Gentlemen: clit bangles...That is all.

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Anonymous 1:39 pm  

Not only do I fail at blogging, I also fail at keeping up with yours, as it has been over a week since you wrote this, and I've only just read it >< And, to be honest, only because I am bored of spending my lunchtimes doing research for students who just want to play games all day *shakes fist at the layabouts* Erm, so, yes, in conclusion? I suck. And not in a good way *hangs head in shame*

Anonymous 3:22 pm  

Ha, you have now posted 0 blog entries since I last posted *wins*

Anonymous 3:29 pm  

Wait, you want to write a novel? Really? Cool. I tried writing a piece of fiction, but it is currently wasting away on my harddrive, at a measley 2000 words. Plus, it is rather full of explicit sex, so I feel it is lacking in literary value...

Anonymous 9:01 pm  

Wait, clit bangles?! Ftw?

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