So exaggerate and t-t-t-trick me..

So apparently resizing partitions that have corrupt data is a bad idea. And my windows and pc were completely pooped. So now I've reinstalled a fresh version of windows, lost no data (just about) and my pc is actually fast?!

And fully up to date for once, plus has lots of new cool tools and no clutter... possibly. AND to top it off I just copied my firefox profile and it all works sensually. Only prob is my RAID controller don't work cos I can't find the drivers, and so can't access my new hard drive. Bastards.

In less stressful news I hit some serves on the court today to relieve stress, and because the fences are all bent up I lost a ball in the bush. While rooting around a couple came by and were like "hey fool, what you doing" so I explained my predictament and then they said "don't worry, we'll let our dog find it" and he just ran into the bush, found the ball and dropped it at my feet. Proper lassie there.

Whoo exeter is in decent res on google maps now!


Anonymous 8:54 pm  

Man, that's so unfair, all Baz does is pee everywhere and keep me awake with his snoring. Time for a trade-in me thinks...

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