Life Observations

The above photo shows the pricing of "The TechGuys" at PC World. I was looking at this and VOMITING at the shocking pricing of everything. Memory installation costs 14.99. You may think "ooh that's not much", it takes like zero time and effort, take off the case, shove the memory in a slot. Job done. No software or anything. Software Installation 29.99. WTF? that's how much software costs and they're charging you that much to stick a CD in the drive and hammer the next button!? I would go on, but I don't want to fill my blog with ranting. Basically befriend someone who knows about computers, then swap some good old fashion lovin' for computer help. Apparently it's worth it.

This may look like an average paper recycling bin, but you'd be mistaken. If we look at the items that are wanted, and the items that are not wanted we see a worrying pattern. Every single piece of "wanted" paper contains personal/private/delicate information, while all other paper is generic paper waste that will be unlikely to contain such details. Man, Cory Doctorow would be all over this....


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