Saturday's Child is like all up in your face getting crunk...

After a nice sleep, I was awoken by an awaking device more commenly known as a sound creation manifestation device. Wandered into town and met the fools, where we bought alcohol and more alcohol, then hit Tracey's House.

Then ensued possibly one of the greatest football events in many a recent year. Where the deformed 4 sided triangle of C was resurrected and we ran ourselves into the ground. Literally, many a burnt face and people verging on heatstroke I believe. Then we sat and had an awesome bbq, many thanks to Tracey and Colin's cookery skillery. Yum yum yum. We also consumed some nice cold beer, ruffle poured beer on his groin and a number of us gained a headache. Then Shing's amazing cake, which she claimed had been dropped before, was revealed, which was absolutely awesome. Major props. V.yummy.

As the day drew to an end we moved inside and watched Rexxor's bungy jump video and then we al started to fall asleep, so we went home. Very good day, amazing weather, bonus points all round.


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