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In orpington at the moment, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, but to that later. Currently I'm trying to do things with my crappy laptop, so am replacing all my resource hungry programs. This is just a little note on what I've changed things to, in case anyone wants to reduce their memory footprint/usage on a crappy PC.

Music player: I swapped FROM Media Player Classic, which is pretty awesomely fast, to Evil Player, which has an even lower memory footprint (1-2MB).

Browser: Firefox, although is awesome really sux my 256mb of RAM dry, so I swapped to Opera for now, which seems to be better in various tests on the internet. Tho Internet Exploiter may be better in some cases, it stinks of doggy doo doo. Unfortuneatly, Opera seems to be sucking a moderate amount of RAM as well, tho not as much.

Bitorrent Client: Luckily I current use utorrent, and you can't get much better than that, so I'm sticking with that shizzle.

Messenger(MSN) client: This is kinda odd, MSN is sucky, then I installed pidgin (GAIM) but that used even more! Now I'm using trillian(which I used to use in my l337 days), which seems horrendous, 33mb at the moment. Now swapped to miranda, which is definitly better than all previous ones. Our final winner appears to be Easy Message, as although I can't set even a photo, it only uses 9MB, and minerva hurt my brain.

If anyone has any more suggests, comment it. As long as it isn't Safari.


David Hulbert 9:22 am  

For IM use
For browsing use K-Meleon - uses Gecko engine like Firefox.
Or try Swift browser.
Prob best browser is lynx, links or w3m. Or Dillo, but I hevent tried that.
VLC media player may be better - not sure
What's MSN live with MSN Plus to remove all graphics/themes like? May be quite low memory.

Good luck saving memory!

David Hulbert 9:29 am  

For music:

I used that on our family Pentium 75. Yes, that's 75MHz. I don't know if computers even had RAM in those days. (Actually I think it had 32MB)

Tommeh 9:44 am  

Sweet. I normally used meebo on campus but on this I sometimes close my browser if I need to dev in c# + have openoffice open. Then I'd wouldn't have msn up.
I've heard of lynx, but I think I checked a few of them out and they seemed to limited. Can't remember tho. Easy Message is only 2mb max anyway.

Coolplayer looks cool.

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