Thursday's Child is potably pub-arific

As all good plans go, as well as poorly planned plans like this one, I failed to leave exeter bright and early and kinda left around 11.30am, but ah well. Trip back to orpington was pretty clear and music was pumping like a potable water distribution network. oh yeah.

Got back to orpington, this time with only a small hold up on the frickin' m25 and was like woo to the world. Then Rex, succesfully returned from his foreign slaughter, collected me avec adam to the pub-arific place... that is the pub. Much merryment was then had with raffle and ruffle there as well. We resisted kebab luckily, but then got distracted by Ruffle's house and the alluring shape of his george foreman grill. I mean ps3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma = the exact same as the xbox version... except easier. bastards.

Then sleep.


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