Love, Dolphins & Sex shops

In the depths of the Amazonian Rainforest, there's a tribe whose basic language has no concept of "love". Therefore I was wondering, does love just exist because someone once said "hey, we need something to enslave people with" and someone (probably called Brutus) was all like up in your face and said "ya blud, lets make love....ew get away from me (ahem)". Or, is love - not the platonic kind felt for your mother etc. - a built in "feeling" within humans, and not just a way to justify sex without a purpose? On the other hand, is love all that differs use from other animals (apart from religion, and killing of each other etc) or can animals feel love. I'm sure dolphins can, but then again maybe they just like fish a bit obsessively, and transfer that to humans/dolphins/things that have fish. Same goes for dogs. Not that dolphins eat dogs. Or dogs eat fish.

What I'm really trying to say is. isn't my blog a lot more boring when I try to be deep and meaningful...

in other news, check out the japanese sex shops

also check these lucky folk


Stuey D 7:26 pm  

Shut the fuck up foo.

Tommeh 12:38 am  

I rule ur potterybarn

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