an appointment of doom

Okay so after all the palava about my heart etc here's how my doctors appointment went, broken down stylie:

*enter Tom Stage Right*
Tom: Sup mr doctor
Doc: Lo tom, u suck, whats wrong?
Tom: er, my heart be broken Mr dude.
*doc slaps heart/blood pressure device on tom*
Doc: shut up f00lio, u be the win, go away
Tom: But er, fast heart no?
Doc: no u blankety blank - Look take this blood test if u want but tbh ur hearts good, but ur the suck, get outta here - damn exeter rufians.
Tom: Arsecakes...

exactly, anyway also they all seemed to hate me cos I had to be a temporary resident cos of exeter tomfoolery?! what a waste of time.

Sounds like a time for monday club really...

finaly... wtf?


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