don't call me lebunentta

  • dammit, can't wait to see Serenity, reading up about it etc, gonna be so awesome, may watch the FireFly episodes again *rubs himself*
  • Bones - new series with David Boreanaz in, mite be good
  • How I met your mother - new series with Alyson Hannigan in, wooo
  • Kitchen Confidential - new series with Nicolas Brendon... prolly gonna be pants
  • Four Kings - new series with Seth Green, he's normally in good stuff, so mite be good
  • caught a bit of Lost other day, looks awesome, shall download.
  • James Marsters gonna be in a 6 episode arc in smallville!! awesomeness!!!!

Also apparently new buffy DVDs are selling faster than Shrek 2 and Sharktake, mwahhaah

In other news, I went to the gym today, and thats about it. wooo

remember to get Arrested Development, the 4400, mebbe Battlestar Galactica and Entourage as well, to see if they be good


Michael 10:46 pm  

Lost is immense. I got it set to record on Sky+. Tasty.

Anonymous 10:48 am  

i want lost. the 4400 is pretty cool. i have season 1. prob got some battlestar blobby wotsit 2

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