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I was reading my floral book for 3d modelling today, and u have to wonder about computer science humour:

"This artificial tilting of the surface normals is called, amusingly, perturbing the normals."

i mean wtf?
I was also thinking (thought not at the same time), that surely channel 4 have nothing to lose streaming off their site as all the money they make is from adverts anyway? Its prolly illegal cos of licence n wotnot. but basically I wanna watch cricket on my computa. damn their eyes.

for anyone whose gonna buy a laptop for uni, heres...
1. they are well expensive
2. they are well slow
3. keyboards are shit on them
4. u can't upgrade
5. not much power goes to them for extra usb devices
6. can get lost down sofas
7. can get eaten easily by peckish friends
8. if stuff spilt on keyboard, whole thing fuxxored

on a related subject I'm not sure why when I search for "Daniel Powter bad day", one of the videos that comes up is "rate my anal spray"

Check this fools - Mr T rules

Random Quote:

"damn my camel has spilt Horlicks on my lappy whilst i was out- BAD BAD CAMEL" - Ruffle


Anonymous 11:55 am  

tho i seem to remember upon arrivin at uni my laptop takes 30 seconds to set up while ur desk top takes like 30 hours and then still has loose connections... interesting. also i believe that for our man in spain (well, almost in spain) it shud b easier to take a laptop than a desktop. to sum up i fink we shud all go and get drunk cos i rule

Tommeh 2:10 pm  

that is true, apart from bout 20 minutes for desktop, which true, out of the 3-4months each term, is quite an impact...I drank a crate of beer yesterday

Michael 9:15 pm  

I have my ticket for Exeter. Did anyone tell the landlord we be coming up?

Tommeh 11:31 pm  

I ringing him 2molz

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