The Venue

amanacer, wooo..

...with lighting effects of excellence...

...and acousticness of sensualness...

...followed by the regulatory slapping of adam... which rex was like, "wtf mate?"...

...and what the hell is happening here?...

so we went clubbing in la London, dans la Venue. Twas pretty good, but kinda bit empty and music was a bit odd. Plus I can't remember how to dance which is a bit of error. Mike u gonna have to teach me again. Drinks were like 3 quid each, and Pints of 4x were like watered down piss.. damn their eyes. Luckily we decided to get N47 home, which involved walking halfway to Lewisham, still I had meat and chips and we frolocked along. I think dan kissed rex at some point. Amanacer were good though.

Current Level of "Lost" Addictiveness: Spacial Awareness And Depth Perception Lost


Rex 9:39 pm  

*click* look into my eyes, straight into my eyes, not around my eyes, straight into my eyes - the kissing incident did not occur, repeat, the kissing incident did not occur *click* Nothing to see here - please move along quietly

Tommeh 11:45 pm  

don't make me sing a song

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