new shoes?

on the conclusion of my shoe looking like this...(hey its my foot!)...

...I have purchased these shoes for the princely sum of 35 sterling each... how excellent

saw the island yesterday, twas pretty good. wanna see dukes of hazard for jessica simpsons ass next week. We had cool curry club at lloyds bar before hand, which was pretty dope, got a free cobra avec it.

on another note check out Google Desktop 2, there sexy search majig, but this time with a sexy side bar... though is only sexy if its on auto-hide. Expect microsoft to copy this soon.

Also google have Google Talk now, a very very very plain instant messanger, with voice over IP, communication. yet it seems a bit pointless, does no more than msn, and a lot less.


Stuey D 3:36 pm  

Man why so cheap?

I love my DC'c so I want another pair!

nick oh yeah budoomp 6:14 pm  

Wot! more shoes! The house is gonna b a shoe fest, with a lack of space and a mountain of shoes in every crevice.

Tommeh 7:38 pm  

lol I threw away all my other shoes

Anonymous 10:44 am  

i bought 4 shoes the other day

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