Nothing of any importance

So murphy won the snooker. [Insert joke about murphy's law, haw haw gaffaw] ahem.

yesterday I decided that my body has shut down, as i nearly died in the gym, and that soon followed by having nearly a full blown forest in my eye. Things continued to worsen when I came across a crazy lady, with scraggly hair collecting blossom.

I've decided to collect royalties for various things, here are some of them i take credit for:

  • The word cranched - as in, "dammit my orgasmatron is cranched".
  • The excessive use of the word cunning - as in "thats a cunning ploy"
  • The word jank - as in, "ewww dude, thats jank".
  • The work scuppered - as in "that there pony is scuppered bro"
  • Yaharr
  • The excessive use of the word narf - as in "narf"
  • bum clouds, arsebiscuits and arsecakes - though I don't really deserve credit for them
If I think of anymore don't worry I'll tell you. You'll be pleased to note i only had one alcoholic beverage yesterday, and no caffiene woo! unfortunatly that will all fall apart today.

I also spent ridiculous amounts of money on a shirt, damn my eyes, also took me about 5 hours to choose plus I couldn't find any hair dye cos i got scared :( someone help me who is of a female nature!

Random Quote:

"If the Bible has taught us nothing else, and it hasn't, its that girls should stick to girl's sports, such as hot oil wrestling foxy boxy and such and such..." - Homer... i couldn't be assed to find a cunning one


Michael 12:17 am  

I believe I own the royalities to the word cunning as well as the words kumquaty and squirrelly.

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