Merry Boxing Day!

or so the story goes. Christmas Day has arrived and agone, so you ask, what did you get for christmas Tom of glory Tom of Light. Well he's busy so I'll tell you what I got instead (with related photos from google):

Money (I can pay off the barclaycard now, yip yip)
Shower Gel
Shower Gel
A Book on Winston Churchill
Shower Gel
A Book on The Arsenal
Lynx Shower Gel

In news of the furthering: Rexxor's Crimbo bash was much awesome at his abode of doom, though I fear not only did we eat all his awesome food, we also proceeded in leaving a wonderful mess for crimbo day.... not good... sorry rex!

If you lot have never seen the Chronic - what- les of Narnia Rap... then I mock you all for being way more out of date than 70% of the reduced section in Tesco. Also this is kinda interesting if you believe that sort of thing. Make your own snowman without snow! whoopa!

My imagination for skillery to do on this blog is dead today, post suggestions in the comments. then I'll delete the ones I like and pretend I made them up and you're all useless. Winner receives the knowledge that they are me.

I might do a video log, or audio log or smellovision log.

Random Quote(and example of third person slippage halfway through a sentance):

"i got christmas drunk and whilst walking home may have disconnected his shoulder bone" - The Danu


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