claimed susie as she slowly stole the sun from Craig David....

yes oki I'm bloggin for the (warm) sake of blogging, however, we got free curry and awesome night for Sam's birthday, weeee, and Ruffle and sam treated us to some suspect karaoke, but respect for going up there :P

dang fools I need to do some work on my dissertation, I fear there's a large part I don't actually understand but I've been subconciously ignoring it cos I'm crazy dope like that.

If anyone is worried that I'm appearing in their dreams then, a) be glad it doesn't involve bananas and b) I'm only their to provide witty remarks and clever quips. However if I suddenly get flooded by water, wake me up and get me a drink!

Need to think of a different culture to go as to NewYears Party, any ideas send a SAE to Freepost, This isn't really FreePost. either that or leave a comment. Not only this but I fear I should prolly try and get fit, or get buff, or just get buffy and install her in my room....well if santa exists (according to smallville) then so does buffy!

also check it, Bearded Jack is in the Daniel "not quite as bearded as bearded jack and no where near" Powter - Bad Day vid.

Random Quote Joke:

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog vendor and says, “Make me one with everything.”


Michael 4:39 pm  

Father 'more cunning that one of Craig David's pubes' Christmas is coming soon. Yey!

Tommeh 8:35 pm  

lol, you tell it how it is iesha

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