Vibrantly Benevolent Dragonflies

...according to recent surveys at least....

Check this extension, you can view all your tabs in firefox in one thumb-type-nailed extravaganza!

in further news, I suspect I may finish my presentation without a whole list of humourous yet catastrophic events occuring.

and more so, that "Whose Line Is It Anyway" is the funniest thing I've ever watched and I don't know why I've never really seen it before, tis awesome, watch it... by any means necessary.... obviously not by downloading it.... off bittorrent....from ISOhunt... or anything similar

did you know? no? oh. better tell you then:

  • bathykolpian - Deep bosomed
  • callipygean - Having well-shaped buttocks
  • colposinquanonia - Estimating a woman's beauty based on her chest

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"Express my echo!" - Craig "pass the salad carte" David


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