Current Status Of The Battle Between Good Vs Evil

since Thursday last week:

Good: I did in fact to hand in my 3000 word Stage 1 assignment without a) losing any knapsacks b) being roped into some sort of Corne Porne Production.

Good: Went beerified drink dans la Walkabout to celebrate longer licensing laws, dancing in streets, no deaths, bonus points to all involved

Bad: Nick got scammed by Walkabout and passed on the scam to us unwittingly, pah wristbands for 2 quid, for cheap drinks we didn't even buy!!! the fools!!!!!... or something.

Good: Snowed uberly, from end of walkabout

Good: I got to take the train home for only £20.50, whoopa!

Bad: Was hung over

Bad: Train got stopped and delayed for 30 min cos some dude caused a rucus and some police officers had to remove him, apparently piece by piece or some other such way.

Bad: Twas a "fatality" at some station beginning with S... maybe sebiton, or sydney. Got thrown off train at Woking, stuck in cold for ever.

Good: Got to orpington, scammed Dad into driving us to Petts wood, where we had a joyfull curry and a number of drinks in The Sovereign with me homeboys, awesome.

Good: Walked all the way home from Petts Wood, people cheered, knickers were thrown, however it was like 1am or some such

Good: Started drinking at 4pm in Harvy with orp posse, cracked the shots out, avec aftershock, drunkenness soon ensued, then turned up to Ram Ba Ba, for Trev's surprise Birthday bash as The Hives (and rex as green day) we looked mega awesome with some cunning moustaches, and awesome white ties. We all got way to drunk compared to everyone else (loads of people) there, Trev turned up and was a billion times happy, which was awesome, and we quaffed, and we laughed, and then somehow....

Bad: Karaoke machine was introduced.....

Good: ...but was awesome anyway, and we danced the night away. I ended up going wandering home blind drink I suspect, randomly chatting to Gemma, eventually Rachel's Mum took me and Colin to Neils house, but weren't allowed in and went home.. WhoopA!

Bad: Threw up.

Bad: Woke Up. Threw up.

Apparently Dan nearly got arrested but Rachel's mom saved the day

Bad: Drank water. Threw up. Ate something. Threw up... worked out the pattern.

Bad: Took train journey even though I felt crapper than that time I forgot where the loo was and used my bedroom "to go" for 10 weeks.

Good: Eventually recovered, then went to Ram.....

Good: Applied for Accenture!

Bad: Was Rejected from accenture nearly straight away (day or two after) - all my hopes and dreams destroyed.

Bad: Mega clashes of events, had to let some people down

Good: Sorted now

Bad: I have a presentation for Monday

Bad: I have no idea what I'm doing

Good: I've written all my Xmas cards! whoopa!

Bad: I lost an hour of play time on Gun cos it crashed

Good: "Whose line is it anyway" is awesome

Bad: wrist hurts from typing this boring thing, shoo now

Photos and humour later.


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