The Day In Words

Today i did very little, recovered from heavy drinking, and woke up at about midday. This was not good. i then didn't go the gym and just sat around watching la rugby match. Mike got horrendously drunk, and knocked the house over nearly. We also lost the rubgy which was crappy, luckily arsenal thrashed villa 3-1 so there was some good stuff a happening

Here are some videos of the night before of Nick - this stuff is v.v.v.funny - go forth and laugh:

Magical Video 1
Magical Video 2
Magical Video 3

Quote of the Day:
"I like to suck" - Dave Hulbert


Anonymous 12:51 am  

really? i like suckers. where do you live?

Tommeh 11:57 am  

Dave lives in Cristow on Exeter University Campus if you wanna meet him phone this number: 01392 I-LiKE-TO-SUCK-LOTS-AND-LOTS-AND-LOTS-MMM-SUCKING

Michael 3:04 pm  

The videos don't work!!!

Anonymous 5:03 pm  

really? thats cool. exeter university campus? is that near danes road, exeter? that was my first and best sucking experience. 4 young boys - great fun!

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