I have a dream!

Woke up late once more, I rule at this. had some very very weird dreams, first at some big musik festival device, and there were these patches of drugs, you put on you like plasters, and they seemed to work quite well. Then at the festival we were lookin at some computers that had music keyboards on them and stuff, and I was composing things and I think there was some sort of soft toy that was alive. On these computers when you made the music by hitting keys on the keyboard people danced on screen, and then I manage to find a naked woman one and everyone was happy, including some random old man we seemed to know. Then we looked towards the pier (which had a hugh stack of amps on, up to the sky) where the gig was happening, and people were pulling the huge plugs, and the amps were all faling over, so we leaped in to the sea below. At that point I remember it was me, Alex and Dave and another random guy who could have been alex's bro. The sea was quite shallow, so we started to wade underneath the pier, but there was a huge valley at one point, that was just randomlly there, so we had to be careful we didn't get swept into it, finally we made this slippy silty bit of land. And we walked along this, but i couldn't bend my back cos my bag was too full, and my sunglasses got in my way. So I fell over, and then a land rover nearly hit us, but it was okay. We then got to a road and we were totally lost, so we started to walk along it to the left (cos alex said that was the way to go) eventually we came to a railway track, and at that point the 4th person turned into Pete for, and we wondered where and what it went to. So we followed the track for a short while, and we end up in some sort of underground big base, with metal ceilings and metal walls, was very odd. We then met zoe and two other girls I can't quite remember, possible Sarah was one of them? So we were following the wide corridor along, and there were masses of doors, and everyone was worried about our water supply, except zoe who said she didn't need to drink? anyway we finally found someone, and he started explaining some sort of clue system to us, can't remember why. He finally took as to this part where there was like a dip in the corridor to the ground and the floor there was really hot and the ground was soft. And he started explaining to us all about the physics of it, luckily at this point I woke up.

And there is magical dream for everyone to read


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