The Day In Pictures

and so we decided to go to The Tower Inn:Ferno... and it took a while to leave

"Hmmm" said Pete "I wonder who shall get drunk upon this alcoholic beverage drinking occasion"

after further questionning the bannister had very little idea either

However luckily Nick was nearby to step in and confirm many a suspiscion

Pete chuckled quietly while desperatly trying to edge out without being noticed

and was not impressed when...

Nick attempted to eat the camera man.....

Unsurprisingly Louis was the first to get hammered, and chuckled "narhg" to himself

and promptly fell asleep standing up

"hmm" wondered Alex "what mysterious revelations will we discover this evening"

"I know!" cried Nick as his wrist went uncontrollably limp...

"I'm... a pizza box!!!".... yes Nick, you are

Feeling left out louis attempted to be an external hard disk drive, much to Nick's amusement

Unfortunatly all this talk of "external" got nick "all in a fluster"

"Right old chaps" exclaimed Nick " anyone up for a spot of golf?"....and so the night ended

Okay so even though I tried to only drink twice a week, I've managed it three times already, dammit. Ah well, twas a good night, Tower Inn (yes bar) is pretty good, along with reefs + becks only one pound each. Mike also managed to go and get dominos pizza, while nick convinced them to give him an empty box, probably to be quiet ;). Now Sleep tom says.


Michael 11:58 am  

I should drink less but the damn YES bar has such low low prices and such good good offers that I keep getting poorer poorer.

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