A request for discussion

k gangstas, I need people's suggestions for improvement of this so called "blog". Not so much about content but more about the design of the page etc.

I quite like the colour co-ordination, even if it goes against my dark backgrounds policy, but it looks a bit "default" if you know what I mean. Obviously I've hacked up the side bar a bit, but any other suggestions?

I warn any "l337" people out there that blogger tends to fuck up a lot of the javascript I put in the template, as I tend to have an "ad-hoc" manner of coding it.

GO! comment away you scally-wags.


Anonymous 1:07 pm  

Pink and Green

Anonymous 3:22 pm  

There should definatly be a hamster theme

David Hulbert 9:25 pm  

If you're going to use javascript, do it with style + skillery: http://www.jquery.com

As for the design: put the whole lot in < blink > tags

Unknown 11:59 am  

needs more Cow Bell!

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