Far2Narf Radio

"because it beats doing work"

mediamaster* lets me stream a radio, which is nice and is available below and to your right ->

It's a mish mash of my favourite albums, so u'll get hit with the likes of emo, punk, rock, jazz, soul (or whatever Norah Jones is) and possibly anything else random on there. It loads in your chosen media player... I think. Maybe someday I'll get some embedded shit on there.

Not that its much use to anyway, but could be a nice backdrop to reading my slightly delirious blog posts as the year goes on.


I got a flash player. If you don't have Flash. well I pity the fool. I have blatantly stolen this player from Spud's Blog, where he has an awesome interview with the BBC. I'm not sure if he wrote this, or got it from somewhere else, I'll ask him next time he's on "da net" (don't worry I hosted it myself)....


Anonymous 7:52 pm  

Hey, I see that you are using our radio. Hope you like it!

We'd really appreciate if you change the "musicmatcher"?? to "MediaMaster", as this is what reality is. :o)

Obviously, if you tell more of your friends about our young site - it would be great too!


Tommeh 7:57 pm  

lol my bad! I keep typing it wrong everytime I go to it, whether it be mediamatcher, or musicmaster, etc etc. I changed it now, I think I managed to get it right in a post or two before.

Question: Is the radio legal?

bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7:07 pm  

.. .. ...

Anonymous 6:47 pm  


Didn't you want some of these?

Seems kinda cheap!

David Hulbert 9:49 pm  

We'd really appreciate if you change the "Norah Jones" to "S Club 7", as this is what reality is. :o)


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