Idea of the day: Hoovering, for my floor is totally covered in grass.

Woke up a bit late today and damn facist builders were drilling into my soul. An unfortunate set of events, so I showered and departed to campus. I am literally spending, at maximum, an hour of awake time in lafrowda a day. Anyway, I went to the long lounge where I proceeded to have an extremely yummy ham ploughman's salad. Then came the rest of the day where I spent most of it in the library.

At around 7 I traversed to sainsbury's in my wonder car and bought 25 quids words of junk food. Including doughnuts, cold curry, multigrain hula hoops, pain au chocolate, red bull, fruit & nuts and bombay mix. All to feed me over the weekend. Man I'm gonna need some fruit. An odd police helicopter hovering over uni and town for most the evening, prolly due to some escaped prisoner. Apparently prisoners escaped in march 07 and in Oct 06. Some guy removed 5 bricks from his wall and jumped out. Unfortunately the drop was 30ft and he broke his ankle. I think junk food is making me fat. Found a new toilet in Harrison, best layout yet.


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