Surprises, electrical goods and meat of various sizes

Approaching the pedestal with a good portion of nervousness, just as I was setting up, my company dude waltzes in and my heart swings into double step. Not out of lust I add. Unfortunately, I had not planned for a water expert to be present as this foils my normal tactic of glossing over details so I don't say anything wrong. Even though I was visibly a shaking wreck, and was unable to focus on my neatly designed post it notes, apparently everyone said I was alright. After celebratory chatting, I cruised down to starbucks with Gordon and we pondered the world along with another caffiene hit. Then I drove dan dan icelandic dan to currys to get a tv and we had a cup o' tea and a few min of Die Hard before heading off to the Imperial. Here, a small portion of merryment was had and then I stupidly got a kebab. Ah well.

Food eaten today:
Bacon & Brie Baguette
Chip shop chips
Kebab meat and chips


Anonymous 1:35 pm  

Good for people to know.

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