Anecdotes, platters, and inspirational quotes...

After just managing to wake up, I traipsed onward to campus, where unto my great surprise, the long lounge was open. One copy of Empire and an Indian platter later it was time to hit the department. Weather was all sunny by this point and I set up camp in the library. After some rough attempts at work for a few hours I hit the shop, grabbed some baguettes and headed home to pick up my work folder. This was in a vein attempt to find some decent feedback from my past work. Unfortunately, as always, this was not so.

It's currently 17.47, I'm on 2739 words and need to reach 6000 to be on target for tomorrow. I also have to not use all my words on my intro...

Interesting anecdote: Was walking to look and some dude scared the shit out of me.


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