We're breakin' free

Alcohol is stupid for Sleep. Got up at like 12. Pottered around. Randomly had a presentation feedback meeting with Zunic and apparently everything was good. Nothing bad. And I answered his 1 question with skill, wit and a preplanned answer. Slammin'

I'm again attempting to survive on sandwiches alone. My heart hurts. I've constructed a simple, yet effective plan of work to finish my write up:

Balance Brought Forward: 1000 words

Wednesday: 2000
Thursday: 3000
Friday: 2000
Saturday: References and Proof Read
Sunjday: Proof Read.

I do need to go get food sometime though... hmm.

I'm also listening to some grime. Though its not too productive for work, it might be time to bring Norah out again. mmm Norah. I should get her sheet music. From her house. And possibly her underwear. From her body. Excellent.


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