Well I woke up on time, and after a shower I looked only slightly bedraggled. Coffee maybe my only haven. Had a dream last night that involved immense pain in my elbow and I think I was awake for most of it... I also had a dream where Kiean came to the department to work, then it was a fancy ball and cheerleader from Heroes, some other hot girl and a friend fancied me. I had to choose but nearly messed it up. I think (and hope) I chose hayden.

The main issue at the moment is my choice of t-shirt. I've chosen a blue t-shirt as it's colour is non-confrontational, however, the slogan on it is "Burn your computer". Now this may 1) appear that I'm trying too hard, 2) Be a happy and humourous choice 3) Sound like I care not for the field of computer science. Then again it may have just been my only clean top....

Acai smoothie time.


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