Geeky Things I've done Today:

  • Timed the speed of execution of my implementation of the A* algorithm
  • Synchronised my work folder with a remote folder on my desktop at home
  • Streamed the england match on my computer and then broadcast it on the uni network so me and stu could circumnavigate the crazy ass proxy settings on campus and watch here via dual screen on our lappys
  • Streamed the IT crowd to a projector
  • Drooled over IronKey
Slept slightly late, till 10 am today. But showered and came straight up to the department. Norah Jones is getting me through this, one soothing word at a time. Saw england match while working. Ate a whole pack of fruit and nut, which is 105% of my fat allowance of the day! Work is exceptionally slow today. I blame stu.


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