I'm sure by now ladies and gentleman you know what a wonderful event this is. Drink price fluctuations, alcohol coming out you're eyes. The whole shabang. With added skillery me and stu went into the Lemmy at 5.30 to start our night of drinking. Little did I know the pain that would ensue.

By 9 the market opened, and drink flow increased. Chloe and Alex also turned up and we carried on the consumption. Soon after this the lemmy was the shut and we paraded off to my abode for a higher rate of beverage. Apparently Stu was insulting Chloe, I have no doubt. We ended up drinking till 6.30am, which = way to late to stay up to drink.

So now I feel like a monkey has snuck into my stomach and bred lots of ickle half monkey half alcoholics in there. The bastards.


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