The other morning

I had a mug of coffee so strong that I seemed to fall out of the realm of existence. I fear they've replaced caffeine with some other drug that creates internal clarity but prevents me from focusing on the world. Which turned out useful when trying to work (not sarcasm).

Also what's "rules OK!" about, why does no one graff it anymore..... oh yeah cos it sucks.

Like mike, I've recently been addicted to my DS lite, which I should note rules, especially nadal tennis. But I'm thinking I should either find or create a word processor for it, cos I could do very mobile work then.

I also wanna get a brand New t-shirt, but it needs to be emo enough. Also I want a laptop, as I keep saying, but I realised that getting a big screen is NOT actually good in the slightest. Is it worth getting a refurb'ed Macbook? Discuss

And finally, when reading journals it appears that 50% of the useful information is in the introduction and 40% in the conclusion. The rest is just gumpf.


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