Yo, so I've got insomnia and just realised I've forgotten to feed you guys for an excessive amount of time. Get ready for a possible taste/word explosion on here, hopefully, very soon. I'd like to go back to decent blogging, just so that I remember my irrelevant yet altogether egotistical type in London as a "Young Professional™". Is it good or worrying that I have now memorised the alt code for the trademark symbol because I use it so much?

My main thrust is that my twitter count has just hit 2000, but it's such a "in the moment" thing, or transitive as some people might say, that it's pretty pointless unless you know about 20 real life friends who regularly use it to prattle on about random incidents, in a manner such as yourself. For instance today I managed to basically punch an old lady in the head in the Royal Albert Hall. Without this blogpost that fact would be lost in the ether of tweetdom, and so the evidence for my undoubted prosecution.

I am also in the phase of wondering if it's worth joining the vlogosphere. But I'm lazy, scared to show my face, and I also talk like a reanimated chimp corpse, none of which is too appealing for anyone to watch, let alone me to record. Unless I'm providing the voice over for one special little doggy. Enough with this anyway, it's 2am and I need to attempt to sleep via my technique of looking into my eyelids until I can make out images, which is like my backdoor to dreamland. It works surprisingly often, in the same way that I blog surprisingly often....

P.S. the old woman was fine.... until Adam threw up on her.

P.P.S I'm on my netbook and there is no way I can be bothered to bold up random words using a touchpad.


Michael 8:31 am  

Nice work. I think it is time you tried dominating youtube with your v-logging.

Tommeh 8:43 am  

Word M-Jizzle.

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