You Know What Time It Isn't

A small sleep in to allow a little recovery time, but when you go to bed at 4.30, 10.30 isn't that late of a lie in. Eventually stu and I burst forth into the void to wander around for 15 minutes waiting for everything to open. Unfortunately when we did choose, we decided on the goose, which although turned out to be pretty terrible. Except for my cheese and Bacon smothered/drowned wedges. Yummy. My heart hurts a bit. I then bid farewell to the stu and went home to die, and have a nice afternoon sleep, which helped a bit. I was naughty and ordered a large dominos meltdown revenge, garlic pizza bread and chicken kickers.... my god that was the hottest damn pizza ever, Rex was taken out by a bite of it. It was moderately alright, but just hellfire in ze mouth. Obviously the only way to get over it was to play High School Musical Dance! On the 360 until the early hours. Good fun, even if the back pad is so hard to consistently hit, but at least troy is a dreamboat even in computer generated form. We played through all 29 songs on medium difficulty before the night was out.


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