you, my dear, smell of face

I'm tired. but awake. take that buddha!

Luckily my next port of call is the Cafe Ritazza in about 5 minutes, for coffee and to wash some clothes. Not that I'm gonna wash my clothes in the cafe, cos that would be stupid, and lacking in class. So instead I'll wash them at the next door laundry room.

Today is my day to write notes on all my research, after this I plan to write 3000 words tomorrow. Then on monday do my matlab. Then on Tuesday fix the 3000 words of crap that I wrote on Sunday. then on Wednesday panic because I probably haven't followed this plan of action in the slightest and will still have 3000 words to write.

Rumour has it I also have to go the fabled Old Library today. I don't know if its even open though. oh wait yeah it is but staffing ends at 12.45, crap.

I think I have smoothie up my nose.


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