A small update for you lovely lovely children

Thats right kids, I've peaked at 5500 words, though 500 of that is references, so in fact 5000. Then I cut it down to like 4000, but now I've written more so its up to like 4500.

Stupid amount of stuff to write, even me seducing Ed failed to increase my word limit. Which I note is 3000 + 10% lee-way + as much as I can get away with but don't tell Ed

Now I shall work my ickle socks off. away with thee


Anonymous 4:45 pm  

if it helps i have a 2000 words essay and have somehow written 1950 and finsihed..... dont know if its any good though.....

Anonymous 2:06 pm  

*is vaguely disturbed that you tried seducing your lecturer in order to be allowed to write more*

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