Serious Post: Part II

hey you sexy sexy people, if, like me, you read my blog frequently and with an avid enthusiasm you may well see the title of this blog and fear the worst. Unfortunately the worse is here.

Over the past week or so my dad's been in the hospice (in Penge - like a hospital except for terminal patients), well since Sunday or so my dad's pain became much worse and they had to administer an even stronger cocktail of drugs that normal, indeed worse than a Woo Woo. So he became unconscious the whole time so he couldn't feel too much pain, my mum's been staying in the hospice 24 hours since then. Well until now,

I left the hospice around midnight this morning, that's about 6 hours ago, shite its nearly 6am. Anyway, stop distracting me u temptresses, so I messed around on the net, mocked Stu and read some comics in the bath, as you do, on my DS. at around 3ish I was in bed but heard a taxi outside, was my mum.

Dad died at around 2 something am this morning. Now I come to think of it I should of said that straight away, but you know me with my stories and use of humour as a coping mechanism *nods*. I've not told anyone yet, mainly cos all you lazy fools are asleep now, but my blog seems the best way to tell people first.

So please, if you read this, tell other people, trust me its easier to know from someone else than from the guy whose just lost his dad. I imagine anyway. Luckily I was prepared so I'm doing alright, and yeth I'm still going Rexxor's on saturday, cos ya can't keep me down :P

Just as a reference this is the original post from 2nd august. Love ya kiddies.... thats me loving you lot, not lovin your children, damn your eyes.


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