Many people would say to me

"Tom, what DVDs do you have, and what DVDs do you want"

I would then reply, "why? and also you forgot a question mark there."

To which they would say "shush foul being. For I have a vested interest/want to get you presents/love your choice of films"

Anyway, I made a list, mainly for my use, but also mainly cos I have floppy hair. Its not really in alphabetical order yet, cos the site I used is pants at doing that. Error on my part:

- will come later, cos I left my list at Uni *shakes fist*


Anonymous 3:37 am  

You have a lot of DVDs that I have yet to watch...*twiddles thumbs in a contemplative manner*

Tommeh 1:11 pm  

*distracts Raffle with a racoon pony*

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