hey you. aren't we bashful today

You'll be glad to hear I've just got back from the old library basement where I've been working on my essay since 9.30, thats 6 hours and I've managed to write 3000 words.

Whoa tom, you might say, "awesome, you've finished" unfortunately not fair maiden for in the confusion I've only written half my essay in those 3000 words, and I have so many papers to include my soul is destroying me. And before anyone mentions "blah blah blah only need to use a few blah blah blah you don't need to use them all" yes I bloody well do. So there.

So in conclusion, you, me, a bucket of AI papers and the department till late. You knows it. *sigh*

I need to go organise my papers on my floor now cos my brain can't cope with them in a folder. oh and in case it all feels futile, check out my 43Things and 43Places linked to on the right after all the links.


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