Enough deals now.

I succeeded again in very little yesterday except to organise a meeting with Ed for today. I think he hates me. I see it in his eyes. Even though I haven't actually seen him yet.... I suspect its my constant stupidity and lack of knowing what I'm doing.

Which could be awkward as I'm going to ask him what I'm meant to be doing today. Interestingly I'm only in Exeter for another 7 days and with nothing achieved already, everything's going really well.... IN SARCASM LAND

Tesco lamb rogan josh is lush. Eatage. If only Ryan gigs was English. I also need to get my hair cut. What? I don't need to logically link sentences, that would be a ridiculous waste of my limited intelligence.

What is a good use you ask? Well getting 75% on a piece of coursework I did in a night, and then lost a load of it, at 6.30am and having to re do it. Classic getting away with it skills there. Which means the two modules we've actually completed, I've averaged 90-sommit and 79. Though the 90-sommit module will no doubt be scaled down cos they hate Caucasians. And who could blame them.


Anonymous 2:20 am  

Sarcasm Land rocks, you fool.
(/random and pointless)
Also, averaging 90 and 79 isn't bad for someone who has no idea what they're doing...

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