Oh noes!

I lost at life again, or to be more specific waking up at a decent hour so I can go to the gym and get a decent amount of work done. As now the same thing will happen as it always does, and that is I apple fritter the day away, without a care for my future.

Well not today slightly less loyal readers than 2 months ago! I'm back from black and I'm going to rehab... or whatever that crazy woman says.

You may have noticed I put a very pretentious new side box called "Greatest Hits" where I put a small selection of my best posts. Cos well, it was better than working. Its definitely not finished, as I couldn't remember 95% of my posts and I didn't have the time to go through them all. So if you're up for doing that: comment with your favourite posts.

Plan for the day? Well if you're asking:

  1. Eat Breakfast and do the shower thang (tickets £10.50 at the door)
  2. Sort out my notes.
  3. Post Items of post
  4. Research like a raggedy motherfucker
  5. Eat Lunch while researching
  6. Head back for Din Dins
  7. Research more.
  8. Win.


Anonymous 11:05 pm  

And how did that rancid mutherfucking plan work out?? oh and by the way it was totaly worth the £10.50!

Tommeh 11:06 pm  

well you know me, a shower, some germans, a face or two, it all works out well in the end

Anonymous 11:11 pm  

God im soo jelus! i miss my Germans :( and i never thort id say that, but the truth is you actually miss the facing when its not around

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